The cheapest Korean restaurant in Dublin: Han Sung

If you are keen on Korean or if you just like spicy food, Han Sung is the  cheapest Korean restaurant in Dublin.

First of all, be warned: this is not an ideal place for a romantic dinner!  Han sung is a restaurant that is well hidden in the back of a Korean shop located on Great Strand Street in Dublin City Center.

It’s a good option for those who are bored by the classical Chinese take away or all you can eat.

The cheapest option is the  set menu: 3 dishes with rice for only 5.5 €. You can choose between chicken, pork, kimchi and a range of other options. It is good value although probably not ideal if you are eager for an authentic Korean taste.

Fear not, however, Han Sung also offers traditional Korean fare. Their menu even includes an helpful “chilli” rating system that guages the spiciness of a dish.  For example the Yukgae Jang (spiced beef soup) is the one of the most spiciest and it’s really tasty.

Han Sung Menu:

As you can see this place is really cheap, less than 10 euros ! They updated the menu and the restaurant part in the meantime but the prices are almost the same or one euro more.

Menu Hang Sun KoreanRestaurant Dublin

Menu Han Sung part 1


Menu Hang Sun KoreanRestaurant Dublin

Menu Han Sung Korean Part 2

Korean Dishes I tried:

Korean Udon Soup - Korean Restaurant Dublin

Korean Udon Soup – Jjam Bblong


Beef Korean stew - Korean Restaurant Dublin

Yukgae Jang – Beef Korean stew


Cheese in Dublin Korean Restaurant

Sea food Fried Rice top with Mozzarella cheese


Yaki Udon - Korean Restaurant Dublin

Yaki Udon – Korean Fry Noodles (Similar to the Japanese Yaki Udon)

Where is this Korean Restaurant in Dublin:

Hang Sun

22 Great Strand Street
Dublin 1
North Inner City
Note: Pictures Galaxy S6


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